Are you moving in and in need of different ideas to make the new place feel more like your home? Or you maybe want to do a full makeover at your current house? Maybe just one room?


The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in any home. It’s a place where you’re not only quickly preparing dinner, but a sacred one where you find comfort in fully expressing yourself through the dishes you make. There you create, you let your emotions mix with the spices you’re using and let go of all the stress (or at least most of it).


The kitchen is like the heart – vital and tender, so you have to give it the appropriate care. Keep it clean, fix the broken appliances and decorate it in a way you’re going to love it. Make sure to feel good energy taking up in you whenever you walk in this room.


If you have any worries about design and decoration, we are here to help you and these are our little tips and tricks!

2023’s kitchen designs will transform the cook room into a multifunctional one. It will become a place where the whole family gathers, or where you have a fun party with your friends, without having to worry about the dish in the oven (because you’ll be right next to it). The multi purposeness makes the room more homey and cosy. Keeping the storage concealed is vitally important for these kinds of designs. They maximise the feeling of spaciousness by replacing the handles with touch sensors. A concealed kitchen offers a minimalistic look. Another positive side to this design is that whenever someone wants to take a photo, you will always be ready for it, without having to worry about some messy cabinets. Of course, there are some downsides to these designs: they are a bit more expensive and hard to match with the other rooms of your home. Regardless, it is a great, functional and clean design and if you can afford it, it’s worth it so much!


Bright spaces will be trending in the upcoming year. Sunlight freshens up the room (especially the kitchen!). You can give a chance to some big windows and give them character by adding curtains or blinds. If your windows are small or just not enough, don’t worry, you can always choose lighter hues and reflective materials to reflect even the little amount of light.

Be prepared for the eco trend in 2023! Organic materials, eco-friendly dyes, recycled and recyclable utensils, everything green is on trend. Taking care of our planet is becoming more and more popular, and it feels good to be good.


The past few years have shown us how significant spending time with our family is, especially our pets. Those fluffy members need a special place and a lot of new kitchen designs have a personalised place for our favourite animals.


A mixture of materials is another great trend that we’re going to be obsessed with in 2023. Two-tone wood, or even braver: multi-material designs, like a mix of wood and ceramics. An awesome look that adds movement to the kitchen.


If you prefer neutral tones, 2023’s kitchen designs are going to be your absolute favourite. Beige, latte colour, or hazelnut, elegant and classy – an all time favourite. You can elevate this look even more by adding a pop element like brightly coloured chairs or an art piece, centred on the wall.


Combining these colours with the ecocentric design and  the earth and stone trend is the next upcoming look. Adding some plants inside and having hardwood features gives the room cosy vibes and turns it into a home.


If you prefer a more colourful kitchen, then you can count on muted shades of green like olive and sage. If you want to be even more provocative, you should make some (or even all) of your appliances matt black.


The marble trend is growing with every second, but the green marble is shaping up to be one of the top trends for the next year. If you don’t like marble, having any kind of unique tiles is another great choice. You can use them for exciting backsplashes with texture and dimension. Glazed tales are one of the best if you’re looking for an easy-to-clean kitchen. They also have an effective look, and if you want a more simple design, you can pick white tiles that perfectly reflect the natural light.

Keeping the tune of eco-friendly design, you may have some fun by reusing old furniture. It gives a vintage touch to the room and makes it more warm and personal. One way to do this is to use reclaimed materials. Adding something quirky (like a sculpture of a crazy looking cat or an artsy magnet) will give your kitchen some fun and playful vibes.


As we mentioned earlier, in 2023 light is going to play a major role in designs. Whether natural or not, it is important for your kitchen. After all, it’s not safe to be cooking in the dark! Multiple sources of light are a great option for a multifunctional room. Bubble lights are fun, in style and will make your kitchen more lively.


Design pros are saying that seamless backsplashes and countertops are coming on the top of the trending list. Using the same material will make them look like one huge part. The room will have a smooth, creamy, sophisticated look.


Another awesome trend that’s coming our way is stainless-steel kitchen cabinets. If you are brave enough, you can make the whole kitchen a stainless-steel one. You can also add warmth to your kitchen by adding copper, bronze or gold finishes.


Statement hoods are another great element to add to your kitchen. Minimalist or traditional, it doesn’t matter, it makes an awesome centrepiece. If your

kitchen is small and you think that a centrepiece will eat up a lot of space, you can visually enlarge the room by adding some mirrors (for example to the

cabinets’ doors).


No matter what exactly the design is, don’t forget that the most important part is that you like it. You have to be pleased with the final result. So, before everything, don’t forget to enjoy the process of remodelling your own kitchen.