Living room

We spend so much time in our rooms, we should be able to enjoy them in every way. Especially our multipurpose room (also known as the living room). You can enjoy a fun game night with friends or relax after a tiring day at work. You might want to take a quick nap before dinner or just watch the next episode of your favourite show.

If you want to jazz your place up a bit, you can decorate it with some abstract ornaments, mirrors with interesting frames, or go even wilder and add a game table. To make it cosier, add a bookcase or two (if your place is spacious), that way you’ll be able to enjoy the view of your favourite books, while taking a short break from everyday life.

For the upcoming year, the traditional living room layout is out the door. Unexpectedness is what’s going to be in vogue. Be brave, be bold, experiment with different and fun accessories, play with oversized furniture, add some lamps (even if they are just for decoration). Pedestals are becoming a thing, so explore that as well. If you consider yourself a maximalist, go for the unconventional trend and pick marble furniture (preferably in blue shades) for your living room.

The key word for 2023’s living rooms is bold! If you don’t want to go as far as choosing stone furniture, bet on blocks of primary colours. The already

mentioned blue, some red and yellow are becoming the hottest of trends. Choose them for the larger pieces of furniture.


Another daring thing to look out for are accent chairs. Designs with a lot of details, extravagant colour and textile pairings, additional layers of everything is what’s needed to make your room pop. Spreading the accent colour around the room will help with creating a homey look.


If you’re worried about your room becoming a brutalist decor piece, don’t worry, just make room for some curves. Add arches, pick a sofa with curved back, some round pillows and accessories and your worries will disappear.

The next trend we will present to you is something that has been trending before – curtained storage. It’s very important to have it, especially if your living room is also your office. Being able to just pull a curtain and transform the hectic work environment with the cosy feeling of your living room is fantastic. You can even have some fun with the storage curtain and choose a playful pattern for it.

Some designers like to use three main colours for a room: one for the walls and the ceiling, one for the larger furniture and one for the accents and decorations. If you are confused and don’t know how to choose your colours, here are some tips: choose softer tones for the walls, it will make the room look bigger. For the accents, you can pick brighter colours and even use a patterned wallpaper on the windows’ frames or paint the door of your living room in the same hue. To enhance the cosy vibe at home, don’t shy away from using brightly painted woodwork.


As we mentioned, painted ceilings are becoming a thing. Some design experts refer to the ceiling as the 5th wall. If you match its colour with the one on the walls, your room will look like it has a higher ceiling, so this is a convenient trick for small spaces.


If you prefer to keep a quiet and calm energy in your living room and don’t want to be on the bold trend, 2023’s indoor designs in fashion are here for you. Warm, light blue, peach pink and soft neutrals (mushroom, ecru, etc.) are still in vogue. These colours bring the calm vibe and sophisticated look with them. Your place will look more serene

and will let you enjoy your peace. Make sure to keep it uncluttered to maximise the tranquillity. These tones look great when combined with olive green, cream and earthy hues. Some wooden elements will be a great addition to your cocoon living room.


The nature theme will be trending like fire for every room of your home in the next year. Marble and rattan are growing in popularity. When it comes to colours, bet on blue and green hues. You can easily mix and match the nature theme with the neutral colours and calm vibes mentioned above.


The 60’s are back! Or at least when it comes to wall panelling. Just pick a colour and have fun. You can also use wallpaper and create a panelling illusion. Whichever you choose they both will transform your place into a cosier one and will give you the warmth of the past.


Whether you want to reserve a piece of the past, to establish a new modern look, or to just create the most serene atmosphere for your living room, don’t forget that it is indeed yours. Choose and decorate to your liking first, and oblige to trends second. Prioritise your taste, wants and needs, and remember to have fun while doing it.