There’s nothing better than taking a hot bath or a warm shower (or a cold one, if you’re one of those people). Of course, the way your bathroom looks is as important as the water’s temperature.

The upcoming bathroom designs for the next year are easy to maintain and of high quality. Excellent plumbing, the finest of materials and a lot of natural light is what’s to be expected. It’s expensive, sure, but it’s worth it. By choosing the higher quality, you are saving yourself from a lot of headaches that are usually caused by poorly constructed designs.


The bathrooms of 2023 are simple and minimalistic. Clean lines intend to make the atmosphere calm and relaxing. If you want to add some character to the place, bet on artsy, preferably handmade accessories. By getting some glass panels and creating a frameless glass shower, you can freshen up your bathroom without doing a full makeover. It will give you dividing lines and a feeling of spaciousness.

When it comes to reflections, 2023 is screaming backlit mirrors. They are perfect for small bathrooms, especially when combined with reflective pieces and metallic or glossy tiles. That way you can create an illusion and visually enlarge the place. For the best outcome, bet on full length mirrors on the wall.


Chic elements for the upcoming year are metallic. Warm colours like champagne gold will add a calm vibe to your bathroom. If you want to spice it up a bit, don’t be afraid to choose different metals.


The stand-out of the next year’s bathrooms will be the freestanding bathtubs. They emanate calmness and will make you feel extra special. Such tubs are just like canvas for the designers, but there is one particular design that’s been getting a lot of attention lately – translucent tubs. They look delicate and will visually enlarge small places.  

Freestanding will be trending. If a bathtub is way too much for you, go simpler with a single-standing basin. Their designs are rapidly growing as well, which gives you thousands of options to complement your bathroom, whether with a simple look or with something more funky.


On the contrary, if standing bathtubs and basins aren’t standing out enough for you, go wilder and spread it on the floor. Fun and expressive tiling is what you’re looking for. Designers advise to avoid using a lot of patterns, but if your bathroom isn’t a spacious one, be bold and as expressive as you want. All in all, tiles are growing in popularity

and designers are coming up with new creative ideas every day. If you are an artsy person – go for it and make your own tilework masterpiece.


One tile type is strongly coming back in fashion – Terrazzo! Its diversity in colours and sizes, the  stone details, everything about it is great.

Cover the floor and the walls, go wild and with no worries. Terrazzo is strong and easy to maintain and the designs you can create with it are unlimited.


Anthracite is a great, trendy material, known not

only for its astounding dark grey colour, but also for its high resistance to

heat and moisture. You can use it for the walls, or the floor, for