You’re coming home after a loooong day, you’re tired and all you want is to fall asleep, so you go straight to your bedroom. To have the best sleep, you need a comfortable mattress, blinds to darken the room, a blanket to keep the monsters away and a nice pillow – the quintessential private bedroom. Of course, it’s important for everything to look good (even though you won’t be looking at it most of the time). Here, we will tell you what trends are coming up in the next year.


Tranquillity and relaxation will stay on the top of the trend list for 2023. This fashion is leaning more and more towards creating the ultimate serene bedroom. If you’re going to implement this style in your place, you should focus on functionality and simplicity. Your welfare should be a top priority, so choose carefully your bed, accessories and bedding. When it comes to colours, you can choose calm, neutral tones like beige, caramel and/or pistachio. To have the perfect zen bedroom, design experts advise clearing out clutter (like unfolded laundry or random stuff just laying around), investing in a spacious wardrobe and soft lighting.

Nature theme is in style and there is nothing better than this! The green colour is known for its calming energy that brings peace to your mind – exactly what you need before falling asleep. You don’t need to redecorate the whole bedroom to turn it into a green paradise. Check out some wooden furniture or a green art piece to hang on the wall, why

not bring in a plant or two as well, with just a few small touches you can

invite the nature theme to your bedroom. Now, if you are determined to change the whole design, you can go wilder and bet on some botanical wallpapers or paint the walls in some earthy tones like sage, deep green, taupe or terracotta. You can mix and match those colours not only on the walls, but in the whole bedroom – the bedding or some accessories, the carpet or the curtains, don’t be afraid to express yourself.


With all environmental issues that are being brought to our attention, we can always take care of our planet by choosing sustainable materials and designs. Not only a good choice, but also a trending one, the eco-friendly design is great on its own and also a great pair for the nature theme. Another plus is that  ecological options are easily accessible, so taking care of our planet has never been so effortless. You can keep your eyes open for organic cotton linens, rattan, wooden, clay or stone furniture and decor.

Vintage accents and furniture, breezy fabrics and rattan elements are statement pieces for the coastal grandma style. This charismatic design is coming back. It continues to support the calmness theme, it’s elegant in a simple way and it gives a homey vibe to the room. Your colour palette may consist of natural blue shades, coral pink, neutral tones and/or creamy hues. You can give a fun splash to your bedroom by choosing a patterned bedspread.


Scandinavian designs are getting more and more popular. They give a rustic feeling, help you detach from the hectic everyday life and invite you to a nice and deep sleep. These designs consist of clean and simplistic lines combined with natural wood tones and furniture in creamy hues.


Japandi is a new design technique that is ready to conquer you. It combines two cultures in one design – Japanese and Scandinavian. From Japan this design gets the values of a slower lifestyle and from Scandinavia it adopts the principles of wellbeing and minimalism. There is one word that describes this design perfectly: simplicity. When it comes to colours, you can bet on beige and soft pinks, or even a calming tone of green as well.

An accent wall will be in vogue for the next year. Texture, graphic wallpapers, murals, wooden panels and many more options to choose from. Such a stunning statement can become even more impressive if you attach it to your headboard. That way your headboard will look taller, chic and will make your bed the centre of attention for everyone who walks in.


As we mentioned earlier, curtains are an important element in one’s bedroom. They keep your privacy and stop the sun from interrupting your sleep. A patterned design is a good choice, especially when your bedroom walls are with clean colours. No matter the length, width or fabric, having curtains or blinds in your bedroom is a must, if you want to elevate your sleep comfort.


When it comes to colour, there are a few that will stand out in 2023’s bedrooms. Except for the green and natural tones, burgundy will be trending like fire. This colour adds luxe and pairs great with the other hues in fashion. You can mix it with gold or silver to upgrade the

glamour, or keep it cosy by pairing it with terracotta. A timeless colour is

black – pick some accents in this natural dark shade, or go braver and choose black linens. If you decide to combine black with burgundy, the latter will pop and be a statement. Of course, you should always select the colour based on what you like and not only on what’s trening. That way you add a personal element to your own bedroom and make it as unique as you are.


Whatever colour theme and design you pick for the bedroom, be sure to make the right choice for you when picking out a bed and a pillow. After all, the bed will be the centrepiece of the room and you will be sleeping on both your bed and pillow every night. As we all know, sleep is a vital element in everyone’s life, so take care of yourself.