Curtains for

your lovely home

Picking the right curtain for your room can instantly brighten the room up, soften the light streaming in, make the room more intimate and cosy, keep out the heat (important in sunny Malta!), prevent dust from getting into the room and providing the privacy that you need.



Day curtains are typically made out of thin, light and breathable fabric.During the day, Day Curtains are designed to let light stream through into the room,and can be a perfect way to create a soft, soothing lighting effect. It lets people from the inside see through them to the outside; however, people from the outside will not be able to see through into the inside of the room, providing a level of privacy. During the night, the level of privacy is slightly reduced as the light levels on the inside of the room will let the room be seen from the outside. 



Night Curtains are typically made from heavy fabric such as cotton. Their main benefit is that they can be used both during the day and night with the same function to block light from going out or coming into the room. Being heavier, they can also block out sound from going out or coming in. They are perfect when you want to maintain unfettered privacy throughout the entire day. Night Curtains are great for occasions when you want to take a nap during the day or to create a cinematic effect to catch upon Netflix without any glare coming in through the windows.