Vertical blinds

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La Tenda Vertical blinds – great levels of light control

Whether you want to bring up the elegant vibe in your work space or to have more privacy, Vertical blinds are for you. The delicate look comes from the individual louvers, connected by a plastic horizontal string on their lower end. With the help of two additional vertical strings you are going to achieve maximum flexibility. The first string allows you to draw the louvers neatly back to the side and enjoy the view, or to draw them back together and relax in the comfort of privacy. With the second string you can rotate the louvers through 180 degrees and maintain the amount of sunlight that’s coming through.

Vertical blinds are a classic

Our Vertical blinds come with two- year guarantee 100% blackout options available A GREAT RANGE OF COLOURS TO CONSIDER Custom Made to Fit Your Windows An economical solution to mitigating light and providing privacy REPLACEMENT SLATS AVAILABLE – PERFECT FOR REPLACING DAMAGED ONES OR ADDING YOUR OWN COLOUR ARRANGEMENT. Free delivery and installation

Where Can You Fit our vertical blinds?

La Tenda’s Vertical blinds are a perfect choice for your dining room. Their elegance makes them also one of the best choices for your guestroom. If you’re not sure what colour to choose, take a look around the room you’re going to put them in. Pick the one that you see on most of your furniture. If you’re feeling a bit risky, choose the opposite colour; the contrast will put the accent on your blinds. If you choose a dark colour it will add depth to your room, which makes the blinds great for narrow places. The vertical shape creates a visual illusion by making the room look like it has a higher ceiling, so if your home is tight, you can trick the eye. The creative design of our Vertical blinds is also perfect for big windows that cover the whole wall. In that case you can pick the colour of the wall for your blinds, or you can have some fun and choose a different colour in the same shade. We have a vast selection made to answer your wants and needs.

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