Zebra blinds

custom made for you by Latenda




Our zebra blinds – wonderful option for your home

Have you ever wondered what would it be if you could turn days into nights? La Tenda’s Zebra blinds will give you the answer! With their classic look and

comfortable design, you can easily mistake them for Roller blinds. The difference is that instead of one

panel of fabric, Zebra blinds have alternating sheer and opaque fabric panels combined into two layers,

rolled up into one big piece of blind. As you pull the blinds up and down, these panels will glide over each other seamlessly. With Zebra blinds’ structure, you can regulate the privacy and the sunlight in your room.

Why buy our chic zebra blinds?

Our Zebra blinds come with two- year guarantee Dimout or blackout options available A wide range of colors to contemplate Versatility and design in one blind Possibility to control the light and fresh air in the room

Electric control option

Free delivery and installation

Where Can You Fit our zebra blinds?

Zebra blinds are perfect for the bedroom, because they can give the comfort of a dark space, so you can sleep as long as you like. If you want to lighten up the room

after those long hours of sleep, all you need to do is roll the blinds up and let the sunlight in. Another grate place for your Zebra blinds is the child’s room, because kids are unpredictable and you never know when they might want to take a nap (especially the newborns). In general, if you have a room in your home where the sun

shines so bright it causes you to squint every time you go in there, Zebra blinds are a great option for it. You can also save from your energy bills and help the environment by naturally changing the temperature of the room with rolling up or down your Zebra blinds, instead of cranking up the AC.

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