The Growing Significance of Outdoor Spaces

After the pandemic, there has been a heightened appreciation for outdoor spaces in our homes.

In light of this shift in perspective, we must look into the prevailing trends that will shape the great outdoors.

Merging Indoors with Outdoors

Merging the indoors with the outdoors started trending last year and is still on top of the list. The options are limitless, from getting glass doors to integrating some of the furniture outside.

Instead of a bench, put a couple’s couch on the veranda, get an outdoor shower, or move the whole kitchen outside!

The blurry lines between the indoors and the outdoors allow you to be as bold as you want. The materials in style are marble, granite, and some metals (like copper and brass). A smart home system is the best pair for this trend. Being able to monitor and control your home from a distance is convenient and helps regulate energy usage.

Greek-Inspired Outdoor Aesthetics

This other trend is inspired by Greece. Statues, arches, columns, stone and gravel elements are very in. To add some colour, go for whites and blues. When it comes to plants, preferably those with big leaves are the better choice. You can put them in a very sunny area and use them for natural shades. Other plants that go well with this trend are olive trees, succulents, and white roses.

Natural Stone Pathways

Since we mentioned stone, natural stone pathways are in style. They are easily combined with almost any theme and act as beautiful decorations. If you’re wondering what kind of stone is best for a pathway, here are some excellent choices: granite, porcelain, sandstone, or limestone.

You can also bet on broken stones; they look more natural and add a bit of character to the garden.

Terracotta Dominance

Terracotta is claimed to be the best choice for outdoor designs. Both the material and the colour will bring some Moroccan or Mediterranean flare into your garden. You can put up decorations or go bolder and paint the whole patio in this warm and friendly colour.

Illuminating the Outdoors

The best decor for the outdoors is lighting. It turns your garden into a magical land, especially at night. To make it look even better, you can add some lit

sculptures. Make a statement piece that enhances the mood of your outdoor


Sustainability Continues to Shine

A trend that has kept its place from the past year, not only for outdoors but indoors as well, is the sustainable trend. Furniture and decor that are nature-friendly haven’t dropped in popularity. Anything made from bamboo, rattan, and other recycled materials is a good choice (especially if you like it).

You can also give a second life to some old pieces you own by giving them a new coat of paint or freshening them up with some cleaning products.

Flower Trends for Heavenly Gardens

Now, if you want to have not just a yard but a heavenly-looking garden, here are more flower trends!

·       Garden of Eden Design

One of this year’s top designs is the Garden-of-Eden one. It’s wild and has some earthy vibes. This makes it perfect if you want to mix your garden with veggies, fruits, or herbs. To keep up with the trend, take extra care of your plants, nurture them, and open them up for birds. If you don’t know what to begin with, these are the preferred choices: Pink Snowberry, Blackberry Fresco, and Apricot Echinacea.

·       Architectural Simplicity Elegance

If you want to make your garden more elegant and sophisticated, you can easily go for the Architectural simplicity trend, famous with its repeatable forms and sculptural succulents. You will also save yourself from the hectic colour choosing, since this style works best with a limited colour palette. The perfect plants for this outlook are Bridal Veil Agapanthus, Emerald Boxer Holly, and Lumen Gold Fountain Grass.

·       Upscaled Relaxation Trend

The upscaled Relaxation trend is very in since the pandemic. The purpose of it is to create a vacation-like feeling at the premises of your own home. Of course, your outdoor space must be a place for relaxation (not only gardening). The distinctive plants for this trend are mostly tropical, especially the ones with big leaves. Some bigger indoor plants also look good outside so that you can rely on that. Different textures are a steady part of this trend, because they give the place a more luxurious look. Ninetta Begonia and Ficus Umbellata are some of the best choices for your sanctuary outdoors.

·       Bridgerton’s Traditional Garden Look

The Bridgerton series are inviting back the traditional garden look. It’s a bit

more feminine compared to the other trends, but that’s what makes it look so

genuine and elegant. Roses, lilac, hydrangeas and hollyhock are often seen in

this theme. Pink and white hues go best with the traditional look (although you can always add more character to it by choosing different soft colours). If you are a romantic, then this is the pick for you. Gravel pathways, white fences, stone planters and more beautiful details are what makes this design look like it’s taken out of a movie set. Fragrant roses like Pink Climbing Rose and Parfum Bubbly Fragrant Rose are the perfect choice.

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The Scandinavian Minimalism Outdoors

Scandinavian Minimalism is another trend that has become extremely popular not only outside but inside, too. Stone and wood as materials and white, black and gray hues are the characteristics of this design.

Personalizing Your Outdoor Space for Ultimate Relaxation

The whole point to owning an outdoor space, is to make it resonate with you and your way of relaxation. Choose carefully and rely mostly on your desires. Also, be careful if you are allergic to pollen, or any particular plant, don’t forget to take care of yourself first, and only then for your outdoors. Before commiting to a beautiful garden, make sure you can afford (physically and financially) to take care of it, because every plant is a living, breathing organism and we should all acknowledge it.

That being said, don’t forget to enjoy not only the result, but the process of creating, as well.