Agreement No ………/……..


This …… day of

……. In the town of ruse this manufacturing agreement was signed between:

1.      ………………………………, hereinafter referred to as BUYER, as one party.


2.  La Tenda Curtains and Blinds Ltd, with registered office and address of management: ……………, hereinafter referred to as the ‘Supplier’.

The parties have agreed on the following:

In these terms and conditions:

1.      ‘Conditions means these terms

and conditions of sale; ‘Contract’ means the contract for the sale by us and

purchase by you of our goods and/or services; ‘goods’ means curtains, blinds,

window dressings, bed spreads, soft furnishings, curtains poles and any other

Goods supplied by us following you order; ‘Order means an order made by your

for the supply of goods and/or services; ‘Price means the price of the goods,

plus any delivery charges; ‘Services’ means measuring windows, interior design

service, upholstery and/or fitting of the goods.

2.Payment and remuneration

2.1 for the manufactured goods, as

agreed hereupon, the buyer undertakes to pay the supplier remuneration in the

amount of EURO ………… payable as follows:



Advance payment in the amount

of EURO …… or …….% of the remuneration as the day of signing this agreement;


The final payment in the amount

of EURO….. or ……..% on the day of the delivery and installation of the

manufactured goods.

2.2  Such remuneration is

to be either paid in cash, card or cheque to the supplier.


The remuneration includes the

price of the materials, the price of the work and the price of installation, if

the Buyer explicitly wishes to do so. The costs of recapture of the site,

re-installation, possible disassembly, or changes that are due to the Buyer are

subject to additional payment. The amount is to be determined by the supplier.

2.4  If new measurements

are given to the supplier after an order is made and advance payment is made,

such new measures will constitute an order and therefore a new final price will

be given.

2.5  Advance payments will

be lost and will not be refunded if the order is cancelled.

3. Order and



When you place an order with us,

we will send you confirmation of your order in writing. You must bring any

discrepancies in the order to our notice within 5 working days of receiving

confirmation of the order from us. If such confirmation is not received, please

contact us immediately.


Goods subject to this agreement

shall be manufactured and delivered by the supplier from the date of making an

advance payment. Such orders will be placed within 24 working hours on working days

which include Monday to Friday and public holidays and shut down periods are

not included.



Obligations of the parties:

4.1  The supplier in this agreement has the obligation to perform in a

qualitative and timely manner the work assigned to him in accordance with this

agreement. The supplier is also responsible for the quality of the work and

installation. The supplier has the right to receive the remuneration stipulated

in this agreement both in relation to the deposit as well as the full amount

and the supplier shall have the right to refuse to perform if there is

insufficient amount of materials and or items necessary for the manufacture of

the goods accordingly. If

a mistake is done by the supplier in relation to the material, he is only

obliged to fix such mistake by supplying the proper material, he cannot cancel

the order.


The buyer in this agreement

undertakes to pay the agreed remuneration to the supplier within the terms and conditions

of this agreement. Specify all the requisite measurements and necessary details

for the order to take place and before installation, the buyer is obligated to

provide the necessary schemes and plans of the existed installations on the

site/ electrical installation, heating, plumbing. The supplier shall not be

liable for any damage if the buyer has not provided the necessary schemes. If

the assigned work is performed by the supplier within the agreed terms,

quantity and quality, the buyer is obligated to accept the performed work.



Warranty terms and conditions


upon acceptance of the final product

the buyer should express all his objections to improper performance in case of

defects in delivery and installation due to the fault of the supplier. This is

according to the 2 year warranty on mechanisms and NOT fabric by the supplier.

5.2  If the work is

accepted and no objections are raised, this is assumed to mean that the work

has been accepted and the buyer is not the refuse the manufacture goods if

there is minor deviation. Such deviation can be + or – 2/3cm.


The buyer shall raise objection

for the obvious defects upon delivery and the installation of the goods and in

the case of hidden defects to notify the supplier not later than 3 days after their



The warranty shall be waived in

the following:


Force Majeure


Damage due to moisture, current

shocks, dusting, contact with animals and improper cleaning.


In the case of late

notification to the supplier


the supplier is not liable, and

the warranty expires if the buyer has repaired the goods himself, has taken the

measurements and or installed the manufactured goods himself.




This agreement may be amended

and supplements by mutual agreement of the parties, expressed inwriting.

6.2  The buyer shall have

the right to terminate the agreement if the supplier fails to deliver the

product without a justifiable reason following an unreasonable period of

delivery. Delivery period does not generally exceed 56 working days. The

supplier is allowed to delay delivery due to:


Force Majeure


Product not being delivered in time for delivery due to feasts

and shutdowns in countries which provide such product.


Reasons beyond the supplier’s control


If the buyer withdraws from the

agreement after the assigned work is performed, he/she loses the advance

payment and owes the supplier the expenses incurred, the work done and the lost



If the buyer fails to pay the

agreed advance payment, the agreement shall be deemed terminated without the

need to send an explicit notification to the supplier, unless the parties sign

an additional agreement to extend the deadline for advance payment.


In case the buyer has not

provided conditions for the acceptance of the work, has not accepted delivery,

does not cooperate with the installation and does not pay the additional

payment due under this agreement for a period of more than 30 days, the

agreement shall be deemed terminated without the need to send an explicit

notification to the buyer. In this case, the buyer loses the advance payment

and shall owe the supplier the agreed final payment under this agreement.