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La Tenda Roller blinds – play with simplicity

La Tenda’s Roller blinds are for your busy days at the office and for a calm weekend at home. They are also stylish and easy to operate. Just by rolling up or down the blinds you can achieve the desired

level of shading. Their simple design consists of a single piece of fabric, which wraps around a roller that’ s in a case and fits into the top of your window frame (within or outside of your window recess).

The blinds are operated by a pull cord by a side-winding chain mechanism attached to the blind casing on the side of your choosing.

Roller blinds are one of the most versatile blind types and therefore are suitable for most types of windows and doors. If pulled all the way down, they give a blackout option to those of you who need to

sleep during the day or just prefer a darker space.

Get more privacy wit

our Roller blinds

Our Roller blinds come with two- year guarantee

100% blackout options available Available in many colors and textures Custom Made to Fit Your Windows An economical solution to mitigating light and providing privacy Electric control option

Free delivery and installation

Where Can You Fit our Roller blinds?

La Tenda’ s Roller blinds will make you feel better at home or at the office and will also reduce your bills, because you can keep the temperature low by rolling down the blinds. They are perfect for a child’ s room, because of their easily operated mechanism. Use La Tenda roller blinds in every room. They are particularly suitable for the bedroom because they provide 100% blackout. If you just want to

reduce the light in your living room or kitchen you can choose from the dimout options. For your bathroom, we recommend our screen roller blinds, which are made of a special material against moisture. The variety and options available in our range of roller blinds help

customers find the perfect addition to any window

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