Pet proof window blinds

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If you have a pet at home, then you know how important these values are. Our friends from the animal kingdom are undeniably cute and sweet, but sometimes they get wild and mischievous (especially when they’re babies). Running around, jumping up and down, climbing on everything, etc. Ready to storm the place in minutes!


You might be wondering how to protect your blinds. Don’t worry, we got you! Our blackout blinds are made of heavy fabrics, like cotton, so when your pet tries to climb them, they won’t break. This blackout material also guarantees you the highest levels of privacy by blocking the light from outside (we all know how important that is in Malta).


Vertical blinds have single louvres that stay connected by two plastic horizontal strings: one at the top and one at the bottom. Your pet might get tangled up in the string on the lower end when it’s playing around.


To help you achieve the perfect outlook for your room and ensure the safety of your pet, we put not only a string but also weights on the bottom of our vertical blinds. That way, you can easily remove the bottom string and save your pet some trouble. The weights help the louvres stay together when moved and because of that, you don’t need the extra string on the lower end.


The blackout material is the perfect choice for you, your pet and your blinds at home in sunny Malta. With its thickness, this material isolates the heat from outside and helps you keep the cooler temperature from the air conditioner in your room.


You can check the varieties of textures, colours and patterns we offer. You can also take a look at our curtains and more. We have a lot of options that can answer your wants and needs.


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