The best blinds for your place in Malta, are defined by the room you are choosing them for and your taste. 

At La Tenda we have multiple varieties when it comes to blinds and their designs. Here is what we offer:

● Roller blinds. They are stylish and easy to operate – perfect for your office as well as your home. Just by rolling up or down the blinds you can achieve the desired level of shading. If pulled all the way down, they give a blackout option.

● We have a lot of different colours and textiles specially selected for you and your home. Our Roller blinds are perfect for your child’s room, because of their easily operated mechanism. You can put them in your office, as well, because these blinds will isolate your work space from the sunlight and the heat.

● Zebra blinds have a classic look and comfortable design. These blinds are perfect for your bedroom, or your kids room, or in general any room you can sleep in. We can offer 40+ colours to choose from for your blinds.


● Our Sheer blinds are practical and a great alternative to the classic curtains. When you open your Sheer blinds, the transparent sheer fabric reduces the bright glare, giving the room a feeling of softness. When the vanes are closed, they darken the lightning and enhance your privacy. You can put your Sheer blinds in any room you want, because they are very adaptable.

● Vertical blinds – a complete look of grace and privacy. The delicate look comes from the individual louvres, connected by a plastic horizontal string on their lower end. The best place for these blinds is your dining room. Another good area for them is your guest room.

● With their sleek and stylish look, Roman blinds provide privacy, light control and elegance. They offer a full coverage of your windows and don’t look rough on the walls. Our Roman blinds look good everywhere, but they are ideal for your living room, bedroom and/or home office.

 When it comes to colours your options are limitless. We offer a diverse selection of colours for your blinds, curtains and more. Bet on the classic neutral tones for a clean look, or be bold and go for the colourful and patterned designs. Whatever you pick for your place in Malta, make sure that you’re not blindly following trends, but you actually like the design you choose.